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ARTICLE 1: The use of any type of information on our website implies full compliance with the terms and conditions of use. If you are not satisfied with the terms and conditions, you must immediately leave the website.

ARTICLE 2: You acknowledge being of legal age, know the type of content of this website and do not feel offended by it. In the same way, you acknowledge that you have accessed this website completely voluntarily and knowingly.

ARTICLE 3: The information contained in this website is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any type of illness or disease and only provides information. Under no circumstances will the advice of a professional doctor be replaced. The results that are displayed on this website are based on our own experiences.

ARTICLE 4: The information contained on this website is exclusively for domestic and personal use.

ARTICLE 5: The descriptions, images and other texts contained in this website should be understood under all circumstances only as a guide, which gives a general approximation to the efficiency of the products taking into account that these may vary from one person to another.

ARTICLE 6: We try to ensure that the information contained in this website is complete, accurate and current, however, from time to time it may be inaccurate, incomplete or outdated.

ARTICLE 7: KYLIELASH© reserves the right to alter, modify or delete any content or material on its website at any time and without prior notice. Likewise, KYLIELASH© can accept or refuse any order without having to provide a reason, apart from for orders that do not arrive or that can not be processed correctly. In the event that the customer receives a defective or already opened product, or a product with another type of damage, KYLIELASH© will be responsible for any additional costs incurred as long as the purchase was made on the official KYLIELASH© website and not through any other unofficial retailers. If the purchase was made through another unofficial website, in no case will KYLIELASH© be responsible for the additional costs.

ARTICLE 8: In case of missing information that is required to send the order, the client is the fully responsible, since it is their responsibility to provide us with the necessary information to place the order.

ARTICLE 9: The use of this website on your part must be honest, inoffensive, in good faith, legal and always within the generally accepted practices for the use of the internet.

ARTICLE 10: The possibility of sending and supplying the product to the client will depend on the availability of the product. In the case of a lack of stock, inability to process orders or other issues, KYLIELASH© will inform you and give you the option to wait or cancel your order, returning the money if necessary.

ARTICLE 11: The shipping and delivery time is approximate, so an exact time is not guaranteed. Even so, it should be noted that KYLIELASH© is responsible for the possible additional costs that could occur in the case of possible delays from the transport company.

ARTICLE 12: The resale or loan of the product sold on this website is totally prohibited and is only for non-transferable and personal use.

ARTICLE 13: In the event that a delivery needs a signature or similar to confirm the receipt of the shipment, it will be entirely your responsibility that there is someone to receive the shipment at the address provided in the order form. At the same time, it will also be your responsibility to pick up the products from the corresponding transport agency if they are not successfully delivered at the delivery address. In the event that the package is returned, transportation costs will be charged.



ARTICLE 14: By the word “responsibility”, according to the use in these terms, we understand any type of damage, demands, procedures, actions, expenses, costs or other losses.

ARTICLE 15: In all cases, KYLIELASH© will have “responsibility” over any special event, direct, indirect, punitive, civil, exemplary or causal of the possible damages resulting from the use or use of KYLIELASH© product. The use of the products of this system supposes the total knowledge and acceptance of each and every one of the legal terms explained here, the user that understands that he uses the system under their total responsibility and KYLIELASH© and its workers are relieved of any responsibility.

ARTICLE 16: KYLIELASH© has the responsibility to limit itself to providing refunds in the case of defective merchandise. In the case of compliance with the money back guarantee, the refund or the payment of the amount paid will be returned to the buyer of the product, discounting the transportation costs in all cases.

ARTICLE 17. The user that uses the information and products presented on this website is assumed to have the knowledge and the total responsibility carried out by KYLIELASH©.

ARTICLE 18. The statements, opinions, affirmations and representations in addition to the testimonies of this web page are conclusions and opinions of third persons and should be understood as such. Among these third parties there are testimonies of professionals, testimonies of clients, opinions of forums extracted from the internet, as well as scientific texts that contain information on the effectiveness of the components of the products.



ARTICLE 19. This website is the property of KYLIELASH©.

ARTICLE 20. KYLIELASH© can not be considered a medication and is in no case intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or ailment. The information published on this website is for informational purposes only and does not replace the warnings that a doctor may give. If you suffer from any illness or ailment, consult your doctor before applying our product. The results may vary from user to user and the information and labeling of the product must be read carefully before using it.